Maine 30-Year Fixed

Get a fixed interest rate and lower payments spread over 30 years. 

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The Benefits

Advantages Of A Maine 30-Year Fixed 
  • Your monthly payments will be less for a 30-year fixed than a 15-year fixed mortgage, even though interest rates for a 15-year fixed are     generally a little lower. That’s because your payments will be spread out over a longer period.

  • Your interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan, so you don’t have worry about rising rates.

  • Buy your primary home with as little as 3% down.

  • Refinance your primary home for up to 97% of its value. (100% If It's VA)

    Why You Should Choose Me
    • You'll get a completely streamlined Mortgage Game Plan custom to you.  I help you every step of the way.

    • I'm available to answer your questions and help you understand the details so you get the right mortgage for you.

    • I'm an expert in the Maine Mortgage field.  I've been helping Mainers open the door since 2004.

    • I'm One Maine Mortgage Broker, with One Hundred programs.

    Other Popular Loan Options
    • FHA Loan - Refinance out of a high payment, or an adjustable rate mortgage with the fixed rate security of a government-insured FHA Loan.

    • 15-Year Fixed- Looking for a more traditional loan option? Lock a great rate today with a 15-Year fixed rate.

    • VA Loan - Get a low rate and payment with a VA loan if you are a qualified veteran, active military, or a qualifying spouse.

    How It Works

    How A Maine 30-Year Fixed Rate Works?
    • You’ll pay off the mortgage in 30 years. Although you’ll pay more interest over the life of the loan compared to a 15-year fixed, your monthly payments will be lower.

    • You can pay down your mortgage at any time without prepayment penalties.
      Your payment will go toward paying the principal (the amount you borrow) and interest (a fee you agree to pay when borrowing the money).

    • It’ll also be used to pay your taxes and insurance.

    • With a fixed interest rate, your principal and interest payments won’t change over the life of the loan. The amount for your taxes and insurance can go up and down.

    • You might have to pay for mortgage insurance. This depends on your down payment if you’re buying a home, or how much equity you have if you’re refinancing.

      Whether you’re purchasing a home or refinancing one, you can estimate your monthly payment with my Maine mortgage calculator

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